Drama Llama Friends: a tutorial.

Let’s begin with a few definitions:

drama (n): a situation or sequence of events that is highly emotional, tragic, or turbulent (World English Dictionary)

Shoe shopping with Heather always includes some drama.

llama (n): a domesticated South American cud-chewing mammal, that is used as a beast of burden (World English Dictionary)

Heather uses her llama to carry all of her shoes home.

friend (n): a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty (World English Dictionary)

Heather and I are friends because we both enjoy shopping for shoes.

I will say that there are some people in my life who I would define as a combination of the aforementioned words, as a “drama llama friend” if you will.  A photo example?  Why I don’t mind if I do:

drama llama friend:


You see, these friends are lovely people, really – we usually have a good time together and I enjoy spending time with them, but every once in awhile I wonder why.  This usually happens when they will make the claim, either verbally or through some form of media (i.e. texting, email, facebook, twitter) that they are not interested in the “drama” – but then feed right into it.  Nary a week will go by without encountering this type of situation.  Example?  Don’t mind if I do (a text exchange):

Me:  How R U?

Drama Llama Friend:  {sigh} ok.

Me:  What’s up?

Drama Llama Friend:  Did you see what Heather put on FB?

Me:  About the party? Yes.

DLF:  Yes, about the party!  She said it would be a PASTA party!  OMG!!

Me:  So?

DLF:  She KNOWS I am strictly carb-free these days!!!  I swear she only thinks of herself!!!

Me:  Umm… 

DLF:  Ok, well, I don’t want to start any drama – you know, I like to keep things drama free – but I just wish she would’ve thought this through.

Me:  Seriously?  It’s her party.  Not yours.  Bring a salad.

I am always surprised, and eventually fascinated, by the people in my life who claim to be “drama-free” and then behave in exactly the opposite manner.  I am even more surprised and fascinated by the fact that I remain friends with them.*  I suppose there’s no real harm in maintaining my relationship with these folks, except for the loss of time – sweet, irreplaceable, time that I will never have back because of these DLF exchanges.  I suppose the only thing I can do is ask:  if you think it might be you, maybe you oughtta check yourself.

*No actual friends or real events have been referred to in this post, but if you’re thinking I might be referring to you anyway, that’s the first sign that you might be one of my “drama llama friends.” 



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