The Days are Long, but the Years are Short

“… that habit of discontentment, it can only be driven out by hammering in iron that which is even sharper:  the sleek pin of gratitude…”  ~ One Thousand Gifts

Yesterday was the first day of April and I’m not fooling when I say:  Holy cow, that was fast!  I cannot believe my daughter is almost 3 months old.  It literally feels like I was just holding her as a newborn yesterday.  The time has passed much too quickly…

When I think about how fast the weeks pass, I am frightened that I’m going to miss something.  I’m afraid that I’ll get lost in the diaper changes, the laundry, the day-in-day-out stuff that clouds the opportunities for me to live in the moment.  I’m afraid that I will wake up one day and look into the eyes of my teenage daughter, leaving for college and wonder how I missed it all.

I was thinking about this yesterday, when I stumbled upon this:

april joy dare

Now, the truth is that I didn’t really stumble upon this but rather rediscovered it since I am currently reading Ann Voskamp’s blog on a regular basis.  I’ve considered participating in her Joy Dares before, but it didn’t fully resonate with me until now.  So, I’m doing it for April.  And I’m pretty excited – my goal in participating in this is to seek blessings every day, to reflect on them, to live in the moments that matter every day – most especially those with my daughter.

On a side note, Ann Voskamp is a writer and blogger whose writing makes my heart simply ache… I long to be able to write like her, or at least find my own achey style – to use words so beautifully and powerfully that I literally have to remind myself to breathe when I read her stuff.  She has written a book, One Thousand Gifts, and her joy dares come from that book.

So, my three joys/gifts from April 1st, 3 Gifts Round,  are as follows:

'Tis the season for sun tea!

‘Tis the season for sun tea!


The color of where the sky hems the ocean.

The color of where the sky hems the ocean.


My bowl, always full.  Always.

My bowl, always full. Always.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post my joys/gifts every day this month, but I will certainly try.

It’s also National Poetry Month and I know several people who are participating by writing a poem a day.  I’ve attempted this before, but it’s tough.  Though – I’ve been feeling the need to participate in some way – in some art – and I’m hoping this Joy Dare will not only fulfill my need to be more “in the moment,” but also this yen for art.

Whatever the case, I’m really going to enjoy this!

4 thoughts on “The Days are Long, but the Years are Short

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