Gifts in the Word

Admittedly, today’s Joy Dare was difficult for me.  A busy, hurried day had me running around the house and around the county, toting a semi-fussy baby along.  It’s not always easy to photograph words, either – at least not always in a way that works for this blog’s purposes.

So, my Three Gifts in His Word, as best as I could arrange…

Because it was a challenging day, and there was so much to do – and still so many things remain unfinished – I need to remember:philippians_4_13

With this in mind, I can rest assured that no matter what today – or any day –  brings:jeremiah_29_11_

And because KLOVE is having their Spring pledge drive and I must remember that it is better to give than to receive, and it is in that giving that we ultimately receive:2 corinthians 9 7


What do you think?

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