Nailed Together

Three things nailed together: today’s Joy Dare. 


I had to think about this.  I didn’t think these gifts would come easily, so I purposely focused on what I could see as gifts “nailed together.”


The painfully obvious:  something wood.  These are the floors in my house, and I love them.  They are a gift because they remind me of all the hard work we’ve put into this old house.  We may not have a lot of fancy things, but the things we have, have meaning. 


A journal entry I found while cleaning up my bookshelves today.  It was about nailing our fears, weaknesses, and problems to the cross.  The gift here is the reminder that journaling (this blog) is a good thing, Christ is my solid place, and bookshelves should be visited more often.


Chris and Dave rocking our local pub tonight.  We haven’t seen Dave in a long time and it was great!  He is pure talent, exponential. It is a blessing to know Dave.  We weren’t even sure this gig would happen, but it did.  As the old saying goes, “they nailed it.”

Three things nailed together… Not too bad for someone who isn’t a carpenter.

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