A Beautiful Mess

MOPS is checking off every desire on my “moms group checklist.”

  • Moms who meet to connect, share, and support each other?  Check.
  • Structured meetings on a schedule that fits my lifestyle?  Check.
  • A diverse and dynamic group of women from all different walks of life with young children?  Checkity-check!
  • A classroom for my daughter to go play with other kids while I chill with the moms?  Check-o!
  • Christian-based meeting themes?  Check – a – roo!
  • Breakfast and coffee and CRAFTS?  Check, check, boom!

I’m so excited.

So, yesterday was my first MOPS meeting and it was lovely.  The “theme” for this year’s MOPS groups is “A Beautiful Mess” and boy, they couldn’t have nailed it more perfectly for me!

Of course, yesterday was no less messy for me:

  • Honeybean wanted nothing to do with her carseat, so naturally the epic struggle of getting my child seated and strapped before leaving took longer than anticipated and I was late to the meeting.
I deal with "The Rod" quite often.  She's got great abs, my daughter.

I deal with “The Rod” quite often.
She’s got great abs, my daughter.

  • I was called to Honeybean’s classroom twice during the meeting because she was upset.  I don’t blame her – she had no idea who these people were who wanted to play and sing and eat snacks and keep her happy.  The audacity of these people!
  • I broke the mug I received at the meeting.  As I was leaving, the diaper bag somehow slipped from my hands, fell to the pavement of the parking lot, and the mug was inside.  Rendering baby girl’s clothes, diapers, and bottle (with 3 whole ounces of my Liquid Gold inside – despair!) useless as ceramic shards were everywhere.

In spite of all this, it is nice to know that I am not alone in all of this crazy gorgeous disorganization known as motherhood.  I’ve kind of always known this – but it’s reassuring to see it in person.  I learned very quickly yesterday that even when my hair and makeup aren’t done, when my laundry is in piles, and we’re ordering take-out for the third time this week –  when it all seems to be a mess – it is still beautiful because I am exactly who I need to be, where I need to be, as part of God’s plan for my life.

And God doesn’t make ugly.

What do you think?

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