Glass from the Past

I love glass.


I love collecting glass things, especially old glass things.



When my grandmother passed away, I discovered a bucket full of colorful glass spice jars from Wheaton Village in her garage.  This was a special find for me – not just because it was glass, and colorful, and old, but because of this:


Sewing notions in her spice jars.

Why not put your mismatched sewing notions in pretty glass jars if you can?  I mean, I would…

I know that my grandmother enjoyed collecting these jars because they are pretty, but I also know she had a repurpose in mind.  That was farm life:  use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.  Might as well make it beautiful while you’re at it.  My mommom was hip to the repurposing/upcycling movement before it was cool.

bottle lamp with corks

In a blog post from awhile ago, I mentioned how I’m learning about myself through remembering her life.  As I sort through these glass jars that belonged to my grandmother, I see a lot of myself.  I collect things because they are pretty, and I’m always thinking of how to use things in more than one way.  This is a legacy for me:  these traits and joys that make me unique stem from someone whom I loved.  And with each jar that I clean up and shine again, I see it even more.

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

My grandmother lived the saying.  And I’m finding the same to be true for myself, especially now that I’m a parent.  I’m finding the beauty in everyday things, the satisfaction in repurpose, the joy of simplicity.


Plus, these jars are just very lovely.

And for those of you who know me really well… when I discovered that tealight candles fit nicely into these spice jars:


Well, you know.

4 thoughts on “Glass from the Past

  1. Hi….no don’t gift the jars…they will just make a better display piece in your home.
    It was a very very good blog….I enjoyed….you’re just a fine writer.

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