New Mom Survival Kit

In the first few weeks of being a new mom, I discovered a few products that I simply couldn’t live without.  I realized that aside from my breasts, a carseat, and some diapers, these were the only things I needed.  And while I probably could have done without a couple of these items, it was really very nice to have them around.

So, just a few weeks later, when a friend of mine was having her baby shower, I vowed that I would share these same items with her – these things that “saved” me those first few weeks (and some of which are still “saving” me now).  I put together a basket and named it the “New Mom Survival Kit.”  It was a hit!

Fast forward to this past weekend and another baby shower for a dear friend, throw in a little more “new mom” experience, and a letter from me – and the “New Mom Survival Kit” is back for another round!

new mom survival kit

Without further ado:

New Mom Survival Kit 

These are a few things that really helped me and I wanted to share with you:

Receiving Blankets:  I used these things for everything.  As burp cloths, changing mats, breastfeeding covers, travel blankets – you name it.  They are handy!  Keep one in your diaper bag.

The BookHappiest Baby on the Block – it’s a lifesaver.  But don’t read it now.  It won’t mean anything to you.  Wait until your little one is about one or two weeks old.  Then give it a read.  You’ll understand, you’ll use the Swaddle Pod, and you’ll guard that book with your life.

Gel Soothies:  Really, I don’t think I need to go into details on this one, but just take my advice – pop them into the fridge and enjoy the zippy coolness when you need it.  You’ll know when you need it.

Fuzzy Blanket:  Having a Winter Baby is awesome and I always loved having some warm, fuzzy blankets around for snuggling.

Waterproof Pads:  These are very handy for being able to change baby anywhere – not just on the changing table.  Keep one in your diaper bag.

Wine:  Need I say more?  And don’t worry about alcohol and breastfeeding.  Research has shown that very little alcohol passes through to breastmilk, so there is no need to “pump and dump.”  As long as you’re not feeling tipsy, you’re fine to nurse.

Chocolate:  Again, no explanation necessary.  Keep a few handy next to your bed, along with some granola bars for those “marathon” or late night nursing sessions.  And drink a glass of water or juice, or a cup of Mother’s Milk tea, every time you sit down to breastfeed.  It’ll keep your supply up.

Gripe Water:  Good stuff.  All natural, helps with gas and all sorts of tummy upsets.  It’s helpful when you want to settle baby down at night.

Coconut Oil:  They may as well call this stuff Miracle Oil.  It gets rid of diaper rash, use it for a baby massage, put it on your sore/cracked nipples, use it to moisturize your skin, and then make dinner with it!  Seriously, it’s amazing.  And it’s not considered an allergen, so no worries there!

And that letter I said I included with the kit?  Well, that’s coming tomorrow…

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