It’s Going to be Awesome: A Letter to a New Mom

Yesterday, I wrote about my handy-dandy New Mom Survival Kit and mentioned that I included a letter in it for the mom-to-be.  Today, I wanted to share that letter with you, in case you are a new mom, or mom-to-be.  I am by no means a parenting expert – I’m far from it – but these were just some things that came to mind when I reflect back on the early weeks of motherhood:

Dear Mama-to-Be,

Your life is never going to be the same. 

There will be bits and pieces of your “former life” that carry over, but as a cohesive whole, your life is about to be completely different. 

And this is good. 

In fact, it’s really, really good. 

Even when your feet expand and grow two sizes (even after the baby is born and all the swelling has subsided) and you find yourself buying new shoes in a size you never imagined – you will still look at that precious, amazing, beautiful baby and smile. 

When you are a zombie from too little sleep, cranky because you haven’t showered in 3 days, frustrated because you just can’t sneak out of the room for 5 minutes to poop, and on the verge of tears because some days you just don’t know what to do next – you will still smile (maybe even laugh) when that little gummy grin spreads across the soft face of your child and this little baby reaches up an itty bitty hand to stroke your cheek. 

You might even totally melt. 

So, remember these things, and remember that your life is about to change in an amazing way – but you won’t mind, and you won’t be able to imagine what your life was like before this little person came into your world.  You will know joy in a way that you weren’t able to before, and it will completely transform you. 

There will be tough days, you will have your doubts, you will feel a dozen different things at once, and have about a million questions – but just know this:  it’s all normal, you were meant to do this, and you will be great at it!  

Relax, take a deep breath, and use plenty of coconut oil.  It’s going to be awesome!

Love, Andrea

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