Biscuit Feet & I’m Still Here

So, my poor blog.  Oh, this poor, underused, space is probably feeling like the black sheep of my social media these days.  But what can I say?  Being a mom to a spirited 3 year old, pregnant with my 2nd, running a business, holding up a household, balancing a part-time job with a sad social calendar. . . sometimes, it’s just that the words are in my head but I have no time or desire to get in front of the computer to write it all out.  And besides, I don’t want to write fluff.  I want substance.

And sometimes substance is hard when your doing all of those other things, because those things require even more substance.

I’m digressing, I think.

So, just for today, so you know I’m alive and well, I’m just going to share a thought that is totally fluff, and pinky-swear that I’ll be back on here again soon.  With rock-hard, fluffless blog entries.  Here goes:

Six months after Honeybean was born, I went for my check-up and brought her with me.  My midwife commented that Honeybean had “biscuit feet,” and I’ve never forgotten it.  Mostly because it was cute of my midwife to notice, and because it’s true.  My daughter has high and wide feet – and as a baby, you can imagine that they might look like little breakfast biscuits.

And cute little champagne grape toes.

Nom nom nom on the baby feet all day.


These are the things that make my heart warm up – probably much like a … biscuit.

And these are the blips on my Mom Radar that give me pause to think about what makes my family uniquely us – and at the same time, what connects us to every other family and makes us the same.

This is why I love what I do – connecting with other families through our passions:  homebirth, homeschooling, homesteading (I’m sensing a pattern here).  And then, appreciating the different things that make us all uniquely part of the big ol’ puzzle of life.

Look, I didn’t promise Shakespeare … I said this was fluff.

Anyhow, while I’m working on getting things organized for this new phase of our lives (Babybean #2 is coming in soon!) just sit tight.  All the Thoughts will be hitting the blog soon.




What do you think?

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