Chalk Paint-a-Palooza

Well, apparently spring is here in the Northeast but I’d be hard pressed to prove it to anyone if I had to rely on the current weather for evidence.  Still cold.  Rainy today.  Bleh.

But, on the upside, with all that wintry weather that we’ve had over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to churn out a handful of fun, small chalk paint projects.  Nothing particularly spectacular here, but if you stay tuned, I’m working on something fairly spectacular that will feature chalk paint, old pallets, random fence panels, scrap wood, and a handful of shower curtains that I’m not currently using.  Intrigued?  You should be.

In the meantime, first up:


I found this little side table/mini dresser on the side of the road, naturally.  It’s been in the garage collecting dust until I recognized a need for some extra storage for my girls’ pajamas.  They have so. many. pajamas.

So, being a small piece in a little girl room, I thought “let’s finally do hot pink!”


That turned into a big, fat “nope” real fast.

You can’t tell by looking at this picture, but that color, my friends, is definitely the exact same color as Pepto Bismol.

So, I trekked to Walmart in search of a more agreeable pink and discovered this terrific line of chalk-style paint in the craft section: Waverly Inspirations.  Not only do they have a terrific selection of colors, but they are totally affordable!  An eight ounce jar was under $6 and covered the entire mini-dresser with 2 coats of paint and I even had 1/3 of a jar left over!  Here’s the finished product:


A soft, “ballet” pink that goes perfectly in the girls’ room!  The drawer pulls were scrubbed and spray painted with a bright metallic gold and I polished the top of the dresser’s wood with Daddy Van’s Beeswax Polish (seriously, if you have any wood in your house, you need Daddy Van’s in your life).  Not only does this beeswax polish make your wood look absolutely gorgeous, it also makes your house smell like a spa and there are no toxic chemicals in it, so when you’re done polishing, your hands and nails look great, too!  Just kidding… or not.

Next up, the countertop in my bar.  Here’s the before:


I know, I know… that bright red laminate countertop is so preciously 1972 and I should definitely keep it, BUT… I’m planning on painting the countertops in my kitchen this spring with black chalkboard paint, so I figured this would be a great place to test it out.

Once again, absolutely no prep with the exception of cleaning everything really well.  Then, 3 coats of black chalkboard paint later:


Seriously.  This makes me so happy.  It looks so elegant now – and even better in person.  On top of that, I actually did this project several weeks ago and I’ve been doing my best to beat this countertop up as much as possible… and as of today, not a scratch.  I did apply a thin rubbing of Daddy Van’s Beeswax Polish to see if it would add a sheen, which it did, but I also think it adds some protection, too.

Thanks to this little project (that only took 1 day – just waiting for coats of paint to dry) I’m confident to do this to my kitchen countertops now!

Last but not least, I wanted to test out the assertion that you can use chalk paint on glass with no prep.  So, I grabbed this glass candle holder from my overly-crowded basement (I was planning to donate this anyway)…


And I slapped 2 coats of the Kilz Chalk Style Paint in Platinum Ring (the same paint I used on my dresser project).  And guess what happened?


I’m not donating the candle holder now.

So, that’s it for my adventures in chalk paint for now.  I picked up another “roadside find” last week and I’m planning on painting that bright teal, so stay tuned!

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