Biscuit Feet

So, just for today, so you know I’m alive and well, I’m just going to share a thought that is totally fluff:

Six months after Honeybean was born, I went for my check-up and brought her with me.  My midwife commented that Honeybean had “biscuit feet,” and I’ve never forgotten it.  Mostly because it was cute of my midwife to notice, and because it’s true.  My daughter has high and wide feet – and as a baby, you can imagine that they might look like little breakfast biscuits.

And cute little champagne grape toes.

These are the things that make my heart warm up – probably much like a … biscuit.

And these are the blips on my Mom Radar that give me pause to think about what makes my family uniquely us – and at the same time, what connects us to every other family and makes us the same.

This is why I love what I do – connecting with other families through our passions:  homebirth, homeschooling, homesteading (I’m sensing a pattern here).  And then, appreciating the different things that make us all uniquely part of the big ol’ puzzle of life.

Look, I didn’t promise Shakespeare … I said this was fluff.



Accidental Pumpkins

So, summer is ignoring my request to slow down and let me enjoy what I can – in light of me having walking pneumonia for the past 2 weeks immediately following a business convention – I pretty much feel like the school year is just going to pop up and start tomorrow.

It might as well, considering that I already have pumpkins in my yard.  And not green, small ones, either.

No, I have large, orange, jack-o-lantern-ready pumpkins scattered about a large corner of my yard.  And I realize they won’t last until October, which just adds to the melancholy of it all.

accidental pumpkins 1

But still, I have to smile.  Because these pumpkins totally happened by accident.  They were in the garage after Thanksgiving just rotting away and the hubs decided to toss them into the yard and turn them into the ground.  Compost, I believe, was the original thought here.

But no, Mother Nature had other ideas and now we have a large pumpkin patch with about a dozen carve-ready pumpkins.

Any takers?  Just 10c a pound!

accidental pumpkins 3

This all just makes me think about the little actions (and the big ones, too) that lead to unexpected, yet joyful, occurrences in life.  You toss a few pumpkins in the yard expecting compost, but you end up with a bumper crop of gourds.

There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, I just know it.

It gave me pause today to just think about the little things I do every day that could lead to some serious joy in the future (or some serious pain, depending on what I’m doing).

accidental pumpkins 2

I think that’s my metaphor.  I’m still working it out.  But you get the idea.

So, I think, instead of making grand, sweeping plans for what remains of my summer vacation, I will instead be intentional about making small, sweet, important things happen – to build something bigger than I could have ever imagined at all.

Happy August!

Glass from the Past

I love glass.


I love collecting glass things, especially old glass things.



When my grandmother passed away, I discovered a bucket full of colorful glass spice jars from Wheaton Village in her garage.  This was a special find for me – not just because it was glass, and colorful, and old, but because of this:


Sewing notions in her spice jars.

Why not put your mismatched sewing notions in pretty glass jars if you can?  I mean, I would…

I know that my grandmother enjoyed collecting these jars because they are pretty, but I also know she had a repurpose in mind.  That was farm life:  use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.  Might as well make it beautiful while you’re at it.  My mommom was hip to the repurposing/upcycling movement before it was cool.

bottle lamp with corks

In a blog post from awhile ago, I mentioned how I’m learning about myself through remembering her life.  As I sort through these glass jars that belonged to my grandmother, I see a lot of myself.  I collect things because they are pretty, and I’m always thinking of how to use things in more than one way.  This is a legacy for me:  these traits and joys that make me unique stem from someone whom I loved.  And with each jar that I clean up and shine again, I see it even more.

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

My grandmother lived the saying.  And I’m finding the same to be true for myself, especially now that I’m a parent.  I’m finding the beauty in everyday things, the satisfaction in repurpose, the joy of simplicity.


Plus, these jars are just very lovely.

And for those of you who know me really well… when I discovered that tealight candles fit nicely into these spice jars:


Well, you know.

If only I had this list 8 months ago…

I might be further along in my “house projects” now.

Oh, who am I kidding?  What I really need is a new, bigger house with a ridiculous amount of closet space and about half the stuff I currently own.

But in the meantime, if you know of someone who has (or will be having) a baby soon, here is a lovely list of things that you (or anyone else) can do to help out:

After The Birth: What a Family Needs

Return of the Joy Dare: a simple, old timey joy.

Today my joy is found in something so simple, it borders on mundane.  But, to me, it’s a small, easy joy that reminds me of my childhood.


A retractable clothesline strung festively across my deck. 


I love that I’m satisfied with simple things, little things.  That I can find a way to enjoy laundry, on some old-fashioned, charming level. 

And this?


Well, it just makes me think of the ocean, and summer, and that some very good days are coming.

Nailed Together

Three things nailed together: today’s Joy Dare. 


I had to think about this.  I didn’t think these gifts would come easily, so I purposely focused on what I could see as gifts “nailed together.”


The painfully obvious:  something wood.  These are the floors in my house, and I love them.  They are a gift because they remind me of all the hard work we’ve put into this old house.  We may not have a lot of fancy things, but the things we have, have meaning. 


A journal entry I found while cleaning up my bookshelves today.  It was about nailing our fears, weaknesses, and problems to the cross.  The gift here is the reminder that journaling (this blog) is a good thing, Christ is my solid place, and bookshelves should be visited more often.


Chris and Dave rocking our local pub tonight.  We haven’t seen Dave in a long time and it was great!  He is pure talent, exponential. It is a blessing to know Dave.  We weren’t even sure this gig would happen, but it did.  As the old saying goes, “they nailed it.”

Three things nailed together… Not too bad for someone who isn’t a carpenter.

Gifts in the Word

Admittedly, today’s Joy Dare was difficult for me.  A busy, hurried day had me running around the house and around the county, toting a semi-fussy baby along.  It’s not always easy to photograph words, either – at least not always in a way that works for this blog’s purposes.

So, my Three Gifts in His Word, as best as I could arrange…

Because it was a challenging day, and there was so much to do – and still so many things remain unfinished – I need to remember:philippians_4_13

With this in mind, I can rest assured that no matter what today – or any day –  brings:jeremiah_29_11_

And because KLOVE is having their Spring pledge drive and I must remember that it is better to give than to receive, and it is in that giving that we ultimately receive:2 corinthians 9 7