We Be Chef’n!

Well, I intended for this blog to be about “whatever,” and it looks like the “whatever” for now is cooking.  So, Chris and I have been chef’n it in the kitchen lately, and no that is not a poorly veiled attempt at a sexy joke.  We have become bored with eating the same old stuff over and over, so a couple of weeks ago we decided to try at least one new recipe each week this summer.  So far, we’ve actually tried quite a few new recipes, but only two came out particularly well and those are the ones I’ve shared here and here.  Over the next few days I plan to also add some older, “tried and true” recipes to my collection on here. 

I’ve also overhauled my fridge twice since the end of the school year – I wanted to get rid of the junk and I’m a little obnoxious about how organized my fridge is.  I’ve almost gone wild and bought a label maker to keep things in order, but I’ve managed to restrain myself.  I mean, poor Chris – I imagine him innocently opening the fridge at the end of a hot day for a simple can of beer and finding little labels that said things like “beverages” “leftovers” “hot-dog container goes here, honey” (though I think we’ll be getting rid of that one soon, anyway It’s probably not a good idea to make him read for his beer – he’s got enough on his plate.  I don’t know how long I can stay away from this urge to label though, so I may channel this energy at the linen closet.  Or my shoe collection. 

Anyhow, with the fridge overhauled (twice!) and with this new interest in well, new interesting recipes I think this will make for a fun, delicious summer.  Hope you’ll join me on the journey!