Happiness is: a cold wet nose. Or two.

There is something really special about the companionship of a dog. Multiply it by two, and you’ve got a recipe for more fun, excitement, adventure, curiosity, pee and woeful stares than you can imagine.

Meet Maggie and Rex.

They are 3 year old, brother and sister dachshunds.  Their previous owners were unable to take care of them and a friend of mine who volunteers with the Burlington County Animal Alliance told me about them.  We picked them up directly from their previous owners late last Tuesday night and it’s been an adventure since.

Chris and I have had a blast getting to know them and take care of them.  They each have a unique personality and crack us up all the time.  They are untrained, with the exception of being housebroken, and we’ve recently taught them the most basic of commands:  sit.  Rex squats down but remains on his toes and Maggie looks like she’s doing a curtsy, but they get their little butts to the floor and that’s all that matters for a delicious treat!

They are not without their quirks and obstacles, though – but we’re okay with that.  They’re a welcome addition to our lives – a blessing – regardless of their little faults, and we’re working on them.  So, there will undoubtedly be many more posts about them to come.

I didn’t know I had a hole in my heart in the shape of these two dogs.

Discovering the garden.

Discovering the garden.