What To Do When You Have Nowhere To Put Your Baby


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Like most first-time moms, when I discovered I was pregnant, one of the gazillion things that crossed my mind was one of the more superfluous and giddy:  “Ooh!  I get to set up and decorate a nursery!”  Except, there was … Continue reading

A Tour of My Crafty Crib, Yo.

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I completely overhauled my craft room.  I wish I had “before” photos – you’d be shocked.  This room was a “catch all” for Chris and I – there was stuff EVERYWHERE.  Anyhow, this is what it looks like now, and I’m quite the happy crafter. 

Above is the view as you first enter the room.  Everything is neat and in its place.  Moving to the left…

You can see I’m one of the many people who suffer from TMCD (too many compact disks).  I plan to eventually get all of these digitially stored onto my hard drive, but for now, this is their home. 

And what would a girl with TMCD do without some stereo equipment?  Your eyes do not decieve you – those are some seriously big speakers.  Now, these bad boys might be old, but they pump out some serious sound when I turn them up.  Which is… not often, but you get the idea.  And aww yeah – that IS a mini fridge!  Hey, this room is on the 3rd floor of my house (read: far away from food and beverage).  And you’d better believe there are some “beverages” in that fridge.  How else can I get my crafting done?

Turning again to the left, now you see that I also suffer from TMDB (too many damned books).  But honestly, can anyone really have too many books?  I know that with the Kindle and Nook digital books are very sexy these days — but real paper and binding books are sexy in an older-professor-with-a-tweed-jacket kinda way.  Am I right, ladies?  Ahem… moving on. 

I bet you’re wondering what’s behind those curtains (besides a lit up ficus tree)…

Why it’s some neatly organized crafting supplies!  Yes, I also organized behind the curtain, because as you (and undoubtedly Dorothy) know, sometimes what’s behind the curtain is just as important as what’s in front!

I love this lamp and there is a story behind it.  I got it at IKEA a few months ago and am just now using it.  Maybe one day I’ll tell the story, but for now, just know that I have plans for this lamp when I finally get my PhD and need a smart-looking, timeless lamp to illuminate my university desk. 

And now for some fabric:

Looks like I’ve got some quilts in my future.  This is really only representative of about a third of the fabric I have.  I love fabric and the possibilities that lie within its weave – I just wish I had more time to get those possibilities going.  But now that I’ve organized this room…

I can honestly say that this is my new favorite place to hang out at home.  I’m so glad that I took the time to really overhaul this room – it was worth every minute.  And now, finally, I can get to the crafting I’ve been craving.

We Be Chef’n!

Well, I intended for this blog to be about “whatever,” and it looks like the “whatever” for now is cooking.  So, Chris and I have been chef’n it in the kitchen lately, and no that is not a poorly veiled attempt at a sexy joke.  We have become bored with eating the same old stuff over and over, so a couple of weeks ago we decided to try at least one new recipe each week this summer.  So far, we’ve actually tried quite a few new recipes, but only two came out particularly well and those are the ones I’ve shared here and here.  Over the next few days I plan to also add some older, “tried and true” recipes to my collection on here. 

I’ve also overhauled my fridge twice since the end of the school year – I wanted to get rid of the junk and I’m a little obnoxious about how organized my fridge is.  I’ve almost gone wild and bought a label maker to keep things in order, but I’ve managed to restrain myself.  I mean, poor Chris – I imagine him innocently opening the fridge at the end of a hot day for a simple can of beer and finding little labels that said things like “beverages” “leftovers” “hot-dog container goes here, honey” (though I think we’ll be getting rid of that one soon, anyway It’s probably not a good idea to make him read for his beer – he’s got enough on his plate.  I don’t know how long I can stay away from this urge to label though, so I may channel this energy at the linen closet.  Or my shoe collection. 

Anyhow, with the fridge overhauled (twice!) and with this new interest in well, new interesting recipes I think this will make for a fun, delicious summer.  Hope you’ll join me on the journey!